Cistern Maintenance

The average resident of Vancouver Island is familiar with a cistern, what it is, and how to take care of it. In case you’re not, you should become familiar with them as they’re the primary source of water for many homes. Holman Plumbing and Water Treatment is a provider of Cistern Maintenance services on Vancouver Island and knows all there is about these water sources for residential homes.

As stated above, a cistern is a fresh-water source for homes and are often backup water sources for rural homes. They are a large tank used to hold a reserve of water, and with that comes storage and cleaning responsibilities to ensure your drinking water stays clean and potable.

Holman Plumbing and Water Treatment provides all services needed to maintain a cistern

Water Tests

Cisterns should be checked twice weekly using home-test kits and/or chlorine kits. These kits ensure safe consumption. Holman Plumbing and Water Treatment can assist with water sampling and proper testing procedures to ensure bacteria and harmful chemicals are not building up in your water supply. This type of maintenance falls in line with disinfections, and bacterium test kits are available as standing water of any kind can quickly build up microbes.

Cleaning and Regular Maintenance

After installation, cisterns need to be cleaned, and then again once per year. Sludge and sediment build up in the tank and can be removed by doing a full-drain and cleaning. It is also good to inspect your cistern after a large rain to determine if rodents or other unwanted particles have entered the tank. Holman can provide one-off services as well as regular maintenance set on your desired schedule.


Occasionally, cisterns may need maintenance to be repaired. The most common culprits are roots invading the area, corrosion of the dirt around the tank, insect or rodent damage, or leaks. Holman Plumbing will provide an inspection then plan to repair any damage.

Cistern Pump Maintenance and Repair

Occasionally, a cistern pump will need maintenance, repair, or replacement. Holman Plumbing can provide these services for your cistern pump!

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For any cistern related maintenance or repair, contact Holman Plumbing to speak with an expert and give you the peace of mind in knowing your water source is readily available and functioning properly.

  • Our Happy Clients:

    Now with our new water system there has been a tremendous change. Most importantly we are healthier, the water tastes and smells like water again and not some chemical cocktail, also the skin problems have been reduced to minimal.

    Our hair and skin is soft and we use less body and house hold products. It was so nice to meet a professional who is certified and cares about clients needs. Thank you so much Lauren!

    M. M. ( French Creek, BC )
  • Our Happy Clients:

    You have restored my faith in the concept of living up to one’s word.

    As a result our drinking water was limited to the designated R.0. tap in the kitchen; however, with no way to monitor the efficiency of the filters we were never certain that our drinking water was safe.

    I am sure we will enjoy a long and stress-free relationship with you.

    Lynda Nesbitt ( Duncan, BC )
  • Our Happy Clients:

    I'm really happy with the work you did for me, the faucet installation and cut off valves on the pipes as well as my new pump. I am especially pleased with the Pentex pump saver.

    As you know, I was everywhere with my camera that day, so I captured most of what you were doing and attach the pictures as a reminder of a job well done.

    Thank you very much for replacing my pump in the correct fashion, and showing me the errors a previous well service company had made.

    Lois Luckovich ( Duncan, BC )

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