5 Water Filter Types Available in Saanich

August 24th 2023

Holman Plumbing and Water Treatment is based in Shawnigan Lake, British Columbia and has been proudly providing water filtration services to Saanich for many years. With a wide array of water treatment and plumbing services and products, we offer the newest technology to ensure the water supply for our residential, commercial, and restaurant customers and their communities is clear, clean and reliable.

Our team of experienced plumbing and water treatment professionals has the products and services to make your water crystal clear and clean - bacteria-, particulate-, metal- and iron-free.

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At Holman Plumbing we can install water filter systems to remove unwanted tastes and odours from your main water to produce clean fresh-tasting water straight from your tap.

Here are five different types of water filtration systems we can provide and install in Saanich properties:

UV Sterilization

UV sterilizers can help you obtain bacteria-free drinking water cost-effectively and efficiently. Holman Plumbing has been issuing many different types of UV sterilizers for over 15 years. We have found that the Trojan UV Max system is best for its design and simplicity for the average homeowner.

The UV Max model includes digital readouts, a reverse countdown and an alarm that will alert you up to 2 weeks before your bulb needs replacing.


Water filters are a great solution for nice-tasting water and reducing limescale buildup. The chlorine taste, odour and limescale formation are issues which can all be solved by water filtration. At Holman Plumbing we offer a wide range of filters and cartridges to solve any number of water-related issues. These types of filters include:

Mechanical Filters: These physically remove sediment, dirt or particles in water. They can range from a basic mesh for filtering out large debris to a ceramic screen which has a complex pore structure for ultra-fine filtration.

Carbon Absorption Filter: These are highly effective at capturing water-borne contaminants. They uses activated carbon to remove impurities via chemical absorption.

Alkaline Filter: These can “soften” the water while filtering out chemicals, dust, metals and other unwanted particles. Some experts find that alkaline water may be beneficial to your health since it can help to balance your acidic body chemistry.

For more information about the many water treatment services we offer, visit our water filtration and treatment page.

Reverse Osmosis

Reverse Osmosis is a different type of water treatment technology since it employs a semi-permeable membrane to remove not only particles like salt; but also a very high percentage of dissolved contaminants to make your water safe for consumption. It is a highly effective method of purifying water and when combined with other filter types you will find few contaminants remaining.

Reverse Osmosis is a process that has been used for over 300 years. It works by using water pressure to force water through the membrane – so it requires no electricity. Our team of highly trained engineers can install and maintain these systems throughout Saanich.

Distillation Filters

Distillation simulates the natural process of filtration, this method is said to be more effective than carbon water filters or reverse osmosis. The water is heated to a gaseous state and then recondensed in a separate container. Distillation is a process that removes parasites, herbicides, pesticides, heavy metals and numerous water-borne pollutants.

Water distillers are an ideal option for most property owners because they require very little maintenance. However, it is vital to clean the system regularly.

It’s important to have clean water in your home and business, contact us today!

Ozone Treatment

Ozone Treatment is an effective oxidant and an extremely powerful disinfectant. Ozone creates an oxidizing agent that when dissolved in water can destroy all bacteria, viruses and cysts. Ozone leaves behind no odour or taste in your water. Ozone water treatment has been in use since 1904 so today the technology that goes into this method is relatively inexpensive and reliable which makes them a good option for any home or business.

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  • Our Happy Clients:

    Now with our new water system there has been a tremendous change. Most importantly we are healthier, the water tastes and smells like water again and not some chemical cocktail, also the skin problems have been reduced to minimal.

    Our hair and skin is soft and we use less body and house hold products. It was so nice to meet a professional who is certified and cares about clients needs. Thank you so much Lauren!

    M. M. ( French Creek, BC )
  • Our Happy Clients:

    You have restored my faith in the concept of living up to one’s word.

    As a result our drinking water was limited to the designated R.0. tap in the kitchen; however, with no way to monitor the efficiency of the filters we were never certain that our drinking water was safe.

    I am sure we will enjoy a long and stress-free relationship with you.

    Lynda Nesbitt ( Duncan, BC )
  • Our Happy Clients:

    I'm really happy with the work you did for me, the faucet installation and cut off valves on the pipes as well as my new pump. I am especially pleased with the Pentex pump saver.

    As you know, I was everywhere with my camera that day, so I captured most of what you were doing and attach the pictures as a reminder of a job well done.

    Thank you very much for replacing my pump in the correct fashion, and showing me the errors a previous well service company had made.

    Lois Luckovich ( Duncan, BC )

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