Drinking-Water Quality: How To Boost Your Health & Immunity

March 11th 2021

Holman Plumbing & Water Treatment, located in Shawnigan Lake, provides customers on Vancouver Island and surrounding Islands with a vast range of plumbing services along with installations of customized water treatment & filtration systems and products for residential homes and commercial establishments.

With extensive knowledge and experience in the industry, Holman Plumbing & Water Treatment is very proud to have the ability to offer the newest and highest quality water treatment systems for your home or business, ensuring the cleanest and clearest water that not only tastes incredible but the water that is also free of harmful bacteria and harsh metal.

The professional team at Holman Plumbing & Water Treatment understands just how important it is to have access to uncontaminated water and how purification, filtration and water treatment systems for your home or business is extremely vital for ensuring you, your loved ones, co-workers or customers are consuming the healthiest and safest water possible.

Most of us understand clean water is essential for good health. On average, each person requires between 20 to 50 litres of clean and safe water per day for drinking, basic hygiene, and cooking.
The human body is made up of approximately 60 percent water and is an essential resource for many crucial bodily functions such as transporting of nutrients within the body, flushing out toxins and regulating body temperature.

Drinking contaminated water can have some serious health consequences, depending on the contaminates, which may affect your health immediately or may develop slowly over time.

The most common water supply for Vancouver Island residents is obtained through the water well.
Unfortunately, water contamination can occur in water wells, city water supplies and freshwater sources through multiple entry points. Heavy rainfall, flooding and spring runoffs can overwhelm even the best-constructed wells and introduce surface contaminants into the aquifer below. Chemicals from pipes, fixtures and other products are other possibilities of how contaminants can enter your water source.

The list of contaminants typically found in unclean water supplies ranges from E.coli, arsenic and pesticides to viruses, fluoride, and lime. Some contaminants are obvious and stand out by smell or taste while others have no smell or odour at all, making them undetectable without conducting water quality tests.

The most common side effects of drinking unclean water may include some very unpleasant stomach and gastrointestinal issues. These symptoms are very apparent and noticed rather quickly, however, there are health risks that may be hidden for quite some time before being discovered.

Long term exposure to contaminated water may lead to more extreme health-related issues such as cancer and heart disease. Just because there are no obvious signs or symptoms that appear immediately, does not mean there are no long-term effects.

Fortunately, there are several ways to reduce the risk of becoming ill from compromised water sources. Implementing a water filtration or water treatment system into your home or business will not only save the expense of purchasing bottled water but will make certain that the threat of contaminants is dealt with at the source.

Water treatment systems not only save you from avoidable health issues that may be caused by consuming unclean water but makes cleaning your home a much easier and less dreaded task due to not having to battle hard water deposits and lime build-up. Using harsh chemicals and cleaning products to fight hard and scaly stuck on minerals is not the safest approach to dealing with this type of situation, especially if you have small children, pets or someone in the home with a compromised immune system.

There are many options when it comes to water filtration & purification systems that will provide you with the cleanest and safest water possible. Knowing which system is right for you will depend on the type of water supply you have, property specs and of course, your budget.

A very commonly used water treatment systems for homes and businesses is the reverse osmosis system, which is a water purification process that removes unwanted molecules, larger particle in addition to removing ions. Find more information by visiting the reverse osmosis page, where we explain in much more detail this how this water treatment system works and the benefits it can provide for you.

Another popular method of obtaining clean, clear, and safe water is the Ultra-filtration system. This system filters the most solid particulates in the fluid. It is not able to filter out dissolved particulate like a reverse osmosis system but an ultra-filtration system can filter smaller particulate than a micro-filtration or standard carbon filter which we explain in further detail on the Ultra Filtration page.

Last but certainly not least, is the UV sterilization system. Such systems have been used in hospitals for decades for their disinfection qualities. Ultra-violet sterilization is normally used on the water where E.coli and coliform are present or have been present in the past. This UV sterilization technology is 99.9% effective in killing all viruses, mould, fungus, and bacteria, hence its popularity within hospitals. Find more detailed information on UV sterilization and explore how this water treatment system operates and the different types of UV sterilization that is available

Clean water is vital for us all to maintain good health & immunity. Holman Plumbing and Water Treatment strives to ensure all their clients' water treatment systems are installed correctly, professionally, and specific to everyone is needs. If you are a resident of Vancouver Island or surrounding Islands and are interested in exploring more options of available water treatment, purification and filtration systems for homes or business, check out what systems we have to offer and the health benefits that come from consuming safe, clean and clear water by visiting our Water Filtration page!

  • Our Happy Clients:

    Now with our new water system there has been a tremendous change. Most importantly we are healthier, the water tastes and smells like water again and not some chemical cocktail, also the skin problems have been reduced to minimal.

    Our hair and skin is soft and we use less body and house hold products. It was so nice to meet a professional who is certified and cares about clients needs. Thank you so much Lauren!

    M. M. ( French Creek, BC )
  • Our Happy Clients:

    You have restored my faith in the concept of living up to one’s word.

    As a result our drinking water was limited to the designated R.0. tap in the kitchen; however, with no way to monitor the efficiency of the filters we were never certain that our drinking water was safe.

    I am sure we will enjoy a long and stress-free relationship with you.

    Lynda Nesbitt ( Duncan, BC )
  • Our Happy Clients:

    I'm really happy with the work you did for me, the faucet installation and cut off valves on the pipes as well as my new pump. I am especially pleased with the Pentex pump saver.

    As you know, I was everywhere with my camera that day, so I captured most of what you were doing and attach the pictures as a reminder of a job well done.

    Thank you very much for replacing my pump in the correct fashion, and showing me the errors a previous well service company had made.

    Lois Luckovich ( Duncan, BC )

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